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Welcome to Dimples Natural Soaps.

Dimples is comprised of three Virginia native sisters who are always trying new activities and never seem to be idle. We each juggle multiple jobs and still find time to enjoy the simple things in life and embrace what beauty the world has to offer. The wonderful thing about nature and the good Lord above is that we have been provided with everything that we need to survive. These amazing things such as natural herbs, flowers and essential oils are included in the soaps and bath products that we make!

One day I received a text from my sister stating, “I am going to try and make cold processed soap”. She is the creative one always coming up with something new to tackle. Once she made the soap, she dropped off a basket to me at work. It was an adorable basket of various soaps. I took it home and since it was so nice, I was using it as a center piece in my dining room 😊 She stopped by my house and asked me why I hadn’t tried the soap. My reply was it’s too pretty to use! She brought me more soap so now I could try the soap and keep some in the basket. The next morning, I used one of the soaps and was instantly hooked. It was a Rosemary soap with chopped up rosemary that exfoliated my skin as I used it. The smell was marvelous, and it left me feeling incredibly soft. I have not used a store-bought soap since!

She and I both proceeded to make various soaps, bath salts, lotions etc. and included them in gift baskets for our friends, family and neighbors. We received so much positive feedback and so many requests to buy them that we decided to open this store and share them. We then proceeded to rope our older sister into our little adventure. Sewing is her hobby and she is a wonderful seamstress. Her beautiful creations will be added into some of the baskets and be available on site for purchase as well.

We hand craft our products using organic & natural ingredients. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. We use natural fragrances and essential oils and colorants. A few of our products do contain fragrance oils and/or FD&C colorants. People with allergies may react to various ingredients – please test with a small amount of product. Even natural ingredients can cause a reaction in some. (Nut allergies be aware!)

When trying to decide a name for the company a coworker of my sister was grilling for family member names to help come up with a company name. She mentioned our Grandmother’s first & middle name of “Dorothy Dimple”. He said that’s it! We both loved it. Our Grandmother had recently passed away at the age of 97. She was an extremely creative, beautiful, lovely women and an established/accomplished artist. Any creativity that I and my family have I am sure came from her. Hence “Dimples” was born!

We hope that you enjoy our products and come to love Natural Soaps as much as we do!

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